Music is to the mountains as cheese is to macaroni. Here the jagged rocks cut the wind, trees vibrate like the strings on a violin and thousands of voices echo in the valley.
In Val Gardena music resounds all year round in lots of different ways. There’s something to suit all our visitors’ tastes and preferences. Not surprisingly, perhaps, it was the Gardena that gave birth to the musician who revolutionised electronic music, Giorgio Moroder.

But let’s start with the traditional music. What’s the Tyrol’s most well-known piece of music? The Tyrolean, of course! Better known as Schuhplattln, this is a typical dance in which male dancers, dressed in traditional costume complete with shorts, slap their thighs loudly while performing acrobatic jumps.
And you can also see live folk groups perform this dance, too, as well as many others, almost always accompanied by the accordion, at venues throughout the Val Gardena, on farms and at folk festivals. For tourists looking for more culture there are also opportunities to try playing mountain horns, to inspire your dreams and provide a great way to relax. Val Gardena is also famous for its bands which can always be heard on special occasions, like Easter.

If, on the other hand, you’re a lover of classical music then there’s something for you, too! There is the annual Jëuni de Mujiga de Gherdeina music festival sponsored by the Institute Ladino Micurà de Ru, that takes place in different towns around the Gardena area. A great choice for classical-music lovers between hiking and skiing excursions. Its concerts take place from October to March of works by the great classical composers as well as contemporary arrangements of classic themes: a real treat for the ears!

For lovers of nightlife, rock and more lively sounds, fear not, you too are well catered-for. Coming up, from 11 to 19 March, there’s our great annual rock festival, ‘Rock the Dolomites’. Hundreds of fans of the genre come every year, keen to listen to their favorite music amid the unique snowy landscape, and to unleash their rebellious side in this ten-day festival positively bristling with flaming electric guitars.

If instead you’re looking to spend your summer holidays with the family enjoying the true spirit of South Tyrol, make sure you take in the “Dolomitenstadl”, the great Wolkenstein festival, where the music ranges from pop, Italian and German folk music, through to rock ‘n’ roll – all in a up-beat, beer festival atmosphere.

Dear jazz lovers, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten you. How could we possibly deprive you of the pleasure of listening to a sax or the rustle of the brushes on the drums as you sip a Tyrolean herbal liqueur? The annual Sudtirol Jazz Festival Alto Adige spans a few weeks in the middle of June. It’s one of the most important dates on the international scene, with dozens of concerts taking place all over the Province of Bolzano.
In short, the Val Gardena has music in its blood! See you there!