The transition from winter to spring in the mountains can be full of surprises to discover as you really feel the reawakening of nature with greater intensity. As the days get brighter and the first blades of grass and little flowers push up through the snow, the air swells with scent and you feel the landscape calling you to explore on walks and hikes. For the lucky ones who are on vacation in mid-March, the Val Gardena offers myriad possibilities. For lovers of skiing and snow acrobatics on 20 March the Selva Gardena hosts the Big Freestyle show staged by the Freeride Club Gherdeina group. This is an unmissable opportunity to see first-hand the skills both of the ski instructors and freestyle skiers. And if you love competitions, too, don’t miss the Spring Race Party. A ski obstacle race, the route starts at Monte Seceda and finishes in Ortisei where the prize-giving ceremony is held in Piazza S. Antonio. After the prize-giving there’s always a big party with wine tasting and lots of music.

Why not also try the thing of the moment, the fatbike? With its very large, heavy tyres it’s perfect for negotiating the snow: actually, in March there are beginner’s excursions being held in Vallunga.

But if hiking is your thing, this is the time of year when you really find the best: nighttime snowshoeing as well as daytime; photography trips to capture the natural beauty of the area; cultural trips to visit both ancient ruins and the most beautiful churches like that of St. James. And then there’s geocaching which is hugely fun and exciting. Geocaching is a treasure hunt in the mountains, with your GPS in hand, that takes place in Santa Cristina: in innovative modern way to discover everything that’s around us.

For the impatient who can’t wait to celebrate the arrival of spring we heartily recommend a visit to the Puez-Odle Park, with its woodland wonders and its wild-flower meadows (who knows – you might even find the prized spotted gentian!). But you can already start to enjoy the festival atmosphere by visiting the Easter markets in Ortisei from 22 – 29 March. Here you can buy not only delicious local food products but also craft items, such as the famous wooden sculptures of Val Gardena that are the envy of the world, as well as all the unmissable traditional things marking Easter such as floral decorations, painted eggs and much more.

Come and discover the wonders of Val Gardena as it shakes off the winter. We promise you will find it refreshing for mind and body!