Any self-respecting holiday must necessarily include a chance to taste the typical cuisine of the place, because sometimes a dish speaks more than a thousand words.
Val Gardena cuisine, and more generally that of South Tyrol, has its roots in a merge of Austrian tradition with northern European and Italian traditions. Ingredients are simple and produced amid the unspoilt nature mountain landscapes.

One of the most famous and most popular dishes, Schlutzkrapfen or, in Ladin, crafuncins, cajincì or casonzì, which recently featured in a challenge on Masterchef, the famous cooking show, is nothing less than excellent crescent-shaped ravioli stuffed with so many delights that melt in your mouth: spinach, cottage cheese, chives and lots of butter. The local pasta, though, is made instead of two different flours that give the Tyrolean ravioli their special softness.

Among the main dishes a place of honor has to go to the Arctic char, a fish typical of the coldest, cleanest waters on earth, similar to trout, but more delicious, ideal as a starter but also simply baked. Legend has it that the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph loved to go fishing for it for his beloved Sissi. In the traditional menu created by our chef Martellini you will find it served with potatoes, and chunks of Schüttelbrot, a typical local bread of the Dolomites, rounded in shape, beaten and shaped by hand. This rye bread with its characteristic hardness has a very special flavor thanks to the addition of spices and herbs, such as cumin, fennel, and “Bockshorn” clover.

But if you are a meat lover, Slow Food star ‘Lamb of Val di Funes’ is the right dish for you, combining the delicate flavour of quality local meat reared in full respect for the environment. The “Villnösser Brillenschaf”, so-called “bespectacled sheep” is a native breed of Val di Funes, once bred for wool, now appreciated for its delicacy of flavour.

After the starter and main course with accompanying bread, for a perfect Val Gardena lunch, we can’t miss dessert: for this I suggest you try, apart from the well-known strudel, the less famous but equally tasty “Kaiserschmarren”, otherwise known as ‘Emperor dessert’.
This dessert, in fact, that originated here and spread throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire, closely resembles a crepe sprinkled with icing sugar and stuffed with cranberries, currants, apple jam and raisins.

Ingredients that come from the Dolomites include chives, butter, apples and blueberries. For the palate they capture all the freshness of the alpine fields, the blue skies and the icy mountain water.
We look forward to introducing you to one of the world’s truly unique gastronomic experiences.